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" I believe a holistic approach is the best when it comes to Interior Design. Holistic interior design focuses not just on the look and functionality of your interior, but how it supports wellness. Holistic interior design is making sure our environment is designed in such a way that it best supports our wellness journey and creates balance for mind, body, and soul. If our home has the power to cause us stress and anxiety, then it also has the power to heal us, right? There are many elements that can be utilized in our interiors to help us heal, like Essential oils, space for meditation and yoga, considering Feng Shui, color therapy, and crystal healing. As our lives get busy and we get caught up in the daily grind, having a sanctuary to retreat to is a necessity for our wellbeing. " 

Ashley Violet Hester

published in the Good To Be Home Magazine, Issue 03 courtesy of and partnered with, special shout out to 'Ben.